Ezi-90 Ali

The Ezi 90 Ali is an aluminium roller shutter and forms part of the ezi-roll aluminium security door range.


The Ezi-90 Ali is an aluminium roller shutter manufactured by Ezi-roll Doors Australia and forms part of the Ezi-roll aluminium security door range. This heavy duty aluminium extrusion curtain is specifically designed to ensure maximum security when fitted to retail spaces, secure parking structures, arcades, sporting complexes, clubs, bars and counter tops.

Contemporary in appearance, the Ezi-90 Ali is built using solid aluminium interlocking sections however can be slotted or perforated to suit individual design preferences. The Ezi-90 Ali can be supplied in a vast range of sizes and colour finishes with clear polycarbonate backing also available for the slotted curtain option.



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