Grifco S-Drive

The low profile motor from Grifco is suited for high cycle commercial sectional doors up to 26m² and forms part of our automatic access low profile motors range.



Grifco S-Drive

Designed for high cycle, highly demanding commercial sectional doors up to 26m², the Grifco S-Drive is suitable for carparks, emergency services buildings and commercial tenancies. At just 200mm high, this low profile motor is perfect for carparks with low headroom. With soft start and stop for gentle opening and closing, the S-Drive is quite the smooth operator.

The central logic boards offer the ultimate adaptability to meet the demanding needs of carpark applications, as well as battery backup that can provide over 100 cycles when there is power outage. Offering a lockable enclosure, this Grifco motor performs constantly in the busiest of carparks whilst delivering impressive reliability, and smooth, quiet operation with the combination of the DC motor and commercial gear-driven transmission.

The Grifco S-Drive features the Security +2.0 Remote Control radio technology, cutting through interference and ensuring long range, consistent and reliable operation. This smooth operator is backed by a 24 month / 100,000 cycle warranty, covering extremely demanding working conditions of high-cycle applications such as busy carparks.


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